Vanity Planet Increases Checkouts by 24% With Instagram Photos

  • Industry
    Skincare, Beauty
  • Platform
  • Challenge
    Incorporate social proof to help communicate the value of their products to prospective shoppers
  • Solution
    Display relatable user-generated photos on product pages and A/B test to measure the impact
  • Results
    24% Increase in conversion rate from 6.56% to 8.11% leading to an $8,900 Increase in cart value over 10 days
Vanity Planet is the whole-body beauty brand that makes essential self-care accessible to all.


Vanity Planet is a leading beauty and personal care brand that sells beautiful skin care, makeup tools, hair care products and more around the world. Leveraging the power of social media influencers, Vanity Planet was able to expand from their niche position to being known as a widely recognized and greatly respected brand.

With more than 215,000 engaged Instagram followers, a popular brand ambassador program, and the “Babe Brigade” loyalty club, Vanity Planet is firmly leading the pack when it comes to community-building.

"Social Curation is changing the way we engage with customers."
Mike Ponzillo
Mike Ponzillo
Co-founder of Vanity Planet
In Conversion Rate


In the super intimate health and beauty space, online retailers are faced with the challenge of making sure every last detail of their products suit each customer’s unique needs. Conveying that level of personalized information through a computer or cell phone screen is near impossible without using social proof like customer photos, reviews, and Q&A.

Vanity Planet had sold over 500,000 Spin for Perfect Skin brushes, their signature skincare product and the original product page for Spin for Perfect Skin was already very strong. It had a minimalist design, elegant color contrast, and a lot of reviews through Yotpo. With 6% of product page visitors reaching checkout, the product page was performing well above eCommerce standards – but they knew there was an opportunity to increase this further.

Increase in Cart Value
Over 10 Days


Vanity Planet was already a Yotpo customer, achieving fantastic results through customer reviews. In an attempt to further improve their product pages they became an early adopter of Yotpo’s Visual Marketing Suite (VMS) – a suite of tools to collect, curate and showcase visual user-generated content on-site and across marketing channels. The goal being to build social proof, inspire shoppers and positively influence purchase decisions.

In order to see the effect that adding customer photos to their product page had on conversions, Vanity Planet ran an A/B test with Visual Website Optimizer, the authoritative AB testing software.

They tested the original product page against the same product page with customer photos added just above the reviews. These included photos curated from Instagram and photos uploaded by customers in reviews. The test ran for 10 days, with almost 6,000 visitors tracked.

“Social Curation is changing the way we engage with customers. When shoppers see authentic customer photos, they relate to their peers, see how the product is used, and know that others actually really love it.”
Mike Ponzillo
Co-founder of Vanity Planet
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