Olivia McNaughten
Product Marketing Manager @ Yotpo
November 10th, 2020

Why You Need to be Syndicating Reviews to Walmart

Syndicate all of your product reviews to Walmart to start building trust and accelerating sales right away.

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After Amazon, Walmart.com is the largest player in the United States eCommerce market, with over 120 million monthly shoppers.

To capitalize on the retailer’s rapid growth, eCommerce platforms, like Shopify, are partnering with Walmart to make it as easy as possible for more brands to sell on Walmart Marketplace

Now, with over 3,000 new stores joining the Walmart Marketplace every month, one thing is clear: your potential customers are shopping on Walmart.com

So, what does that mean for your brand? If you’re selling on Walmart, it’s essential to showcase all your reviews on Walmart.com to drive trust and boost conversion directly from the retail channel.

With Yotpo’s unique partnership with Walmart, it’s easier than ever to syndicate all of your existing product reviews to Walmart via the most cost-effective syndication solution on the market — so you can build trust and accelerate sales right away.

Need more convincing? Here are the top 3 reasons it’s imperative to leverage the untapped value of syndicating your reviews to Walmart.

If you’re new to selling on Walmart, syndication kickstarts your product reviews

For brands just starting out on Walmart.com, it can take time to generate sufficient reviews for each product. Without a convincing number of reviews on your products, consumers are likely to bounce to a different brand faster, especially on a highly competitive marketplace like Walmart.

With Yotpo, your brand can syndicate all your existing reviews from owned channels, like your website, to immediately bolster the products you sell on Walmart.com. 

Above, the reviews for joggers that are “Written by a http://www.rbxactive.com customer” have been syndicated directly from the RBX Active website — establishing a list of influential, authentic reviews for the brand right away.

With syndication, your brand skips the in-between period without reviews, and instead starts selling on Walmart.com marketplace with a robust collection of hard-earned, high-converting reviews.

Accelerate sales on Walmart
with syndication
Start today

Syndication improves your product listing score on Walmart.com

More reviews means higher conversion. Syndication enables brands to drive more sales by featuring more reviews on the retail site.

“The Yotpo team was great about getting everything set up. As soon as we pushed our website reviews to Walmart.com we noticed an immediate increase in sales!” — Adam Hanan, Director of Retail & eCommerce, RBX Active

As reviews are added to your brand’s owned channels, they’ll automatically show up on Walmart.com, helping to drive traffic to the page and build trust and credibility once a visitor is there. And, the number of reviews will increase over time as brands continue to syndicate their content — continually improving your product rankings in Walmart search results and driving traffic to your product pages.

Syndication with Yotpo means maximum value at minimum cost

Yotpo syndicates your brand’s content directly to Walmart.com, making it the most cost-effective syndication solution in the market. 

Our custom integration enables brands to automatically match their reviews to corresponding products on Walmart.com, helping increase the number of reviews featured per product. To keep a pulse on syndicated content, brands can gain full visibility into syndicated reviews, locations, key metrics, and more via the Syndication Report in their admin. 

With Yotpo, brands can continue scaling D2C offering while simultaneously accelerating their Walmart.com sales through content syndication. To start syndicating your content to Walmart with Yotpo today, click here.

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