Create Engagement Strategies That Increase LTV

eCommerce shoppers are more likely to re-engage if you build personal relationships on the channels where they spend most of their time. In this lesson, we will show you how to boost retention by identifying those channels and using them to create a lasting emotional connection with your customers.

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Kim Winter Product Marketing Manager Jul 14, 2020


Start a conversation with your customer
Use customer data to personalize your message
Send the perfect message at the perfect moment
Give your messages value

Strong relationships are built on clear communication, so spark a conversation with your customers as early as you can. Start with an engaging and tailored welcome series. Use these first interactions to get to know your shoppers and ask them about their preferences. You can also invite them to share their experiences with your product in the form of user-generated content.

This is an opportunity to learn more about your customers, allowing you to personalize future communications in a way that builds loyalty and boosts retention.

When it comes to messaging, one size doesn’t fit all. Send targeted and tailored messaging that reflects your shoppers’ unique preferences, needs, and buying behavior.

You can do this by using information that you’ve gleaned from customer responses and direct feedback, as well as from real data on their shopping habits. More than 60% of shoppers are more likely to make a purchase from a brand if the messages they’ve received are personalized for them.

In communicating with your customers, the “when” is just as important as the “what.” There are a handful of optimal times to reach shoppers with personalized messages that guide them along their purchasing journey. For example, if a shopper has just made a purchase, now would be the time to share other products they might like, or provide tips and suggestions for the product they just bought.

Identify the most crucial moments in the buyer journey, then use an automated platform to trigger messages based on certain customer interactions and events.

To deliver impact, every touchpoint with your customers should present a clear and concrete value proposition and provide an opportunity to engage even further.

Create a personality around how you interact with shoppers by using photos and GIFs in your texts and emails, and give clear next steps in each message. Ensure your brand voice can be heard clearly across all of your communication channels, whether that’s SMS, email, or social media.


Relationships start with conversations

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Shoppers that are more likely to make a purchase from a brand if the messages they’ve received are personalized for them

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Shoppers that are interested in being able to text with their favorite brands

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Loyalty program members that opt to communicate with their favorite brand through SMS

What do the experts say?

“You need to build a complete marketing strategy ... [your loyalty] program won’t realize its potential without the email marketing as well as the surrounding messaging to keep customers informed.”
Erica Richey Director of Customer Marketing at ThirdLove

How can Yotpo help?

Use SMS for Product Recommendations

Make recommendations and introduce new products intelligently through SMS. Use past purchases and popular items to send personalized messages at key moments in your customers’ buying journey.

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Create Conversational Experiences

Engage more deeply with your customers and learn more about their preferences with tailored two-way conversations. Make recommendations they’ll love based on their responses and increase the chance that they’ll purchase again.

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Personalize Your Messaging

Send each customer down the most optimal path with our SMS Flow Builder, which uses real-time event triggers, custom conditions, 1:1 conversations, and personalized messages.

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Collect More Reviews

Capitalize on SMS’ high engagement rates by requesting reviews and ratings via text. SMS Review Requests see a 66% higher conversion rate compared to reviews requested via email.

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ThirdLove, PLAE, and Love Wellness use Yotpo to improve the effectiveness of their email and SMS communications.

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