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Step 3: Understand Your Audience

With data-driven segmentation, brands can better understand their audience, and from there, tailor every shoppers’ experience with perfectly targeted messages.


Segmentation is important in any marketing strategy, but advanced segmentation is especially essential in SMS marketing.

With data-driven segmentation, brands can better understand their audience, and from there, tailor every shoppers’ experience with perfectly-targeted messages.

Over 54% of consumers said they are more likely to make a purchase if the texts they receive from a brand are tailored for them, so it’s essential that each and every shopper receives the right message based on where they are in the buyer journey.

Without segments that help to build those targeted SMS experiences, brands lose the purpose of the channel — and run the risk of turning shoppers away.

Slice, dice, segment

Consumers want messages that matter to them. For eCommerce brands, using information like shopper behavior, customer attributes, and data from across tech tools and platforms is integral to understanding — and shaping — shopper intent.

With a robust segmentation engine like Yotpo SMS, your brand can create hyper-targeted segments based on advanced behavioral and transactional data, including purchasing activity, SMS engagement data, and AI-powered predictive segments — just to name a few.

Below is a breakdown of information your brand can use to build segments.

segment examples

Superpowered SMS segments

A large audience is only half the battle when it comes to SMS. Your brand also needs segmentation that’s robust and seamless, so you can analyze your customer data fast. The sky’s the limit when it comes to building segments that drive retention, conversion, and ultimately, sales.

Below are several examples of successful segments we recommend trying out, but your brand can create any segment you want.

specific segment examples

Segmentation powered by integration

Powerful data shouldn’t sit in silos. In fact, your brand should actively integrate your SMS marketing solution with the rest of your marketing tech stack, including your eCommerce marketing platform and the rest of your apps, like your email service provider, CRM, loyalty program, cart checkouts, and more, so you can create the most detailed, data-driven segments possible.

With all of your data points from across your tech stack, your brand can more accurately personalize every customer engagement, creating the ultimate shopping experience.

The SMS marketing formula is powered by robust data

As with any marketing effort, the journey doesn’t end when a shopper converts. With SMS especially, diving into the performance analytics of every flow, campaign, and message makes all the difference between an effective SMS marketing strategy and a powerful, retention-driving strategy that boosts ROI.

analytics examples

It’s essential to leverage analytics dashboards that enable your brand to drill down to every single message you send, so your brand can better understand your growth analytics, revenue drivers, ROI performance, and dynamic cost metrics. And, with features like A/B testing, your brand can also leverage real-time insights to optimize and craft each message to boost engagement across the buyer journey.

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