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Brand Fundamentals: The A-Z of D2C Differentiation Purchase Experience: The Digital-Physical Balance Scaling Growth: Strategies for Sustaining Success Turning Customers Into Brand Fans Data-Driven 2.0: A Direct Line to Customer Data Taking a Platform Approach to eCommerce Marketing
Chapter 1 Brand Fundamentals: The A-Z of D2C Differentiation

The true test of a modern D2C brand is their ability to create strong enough brand differentiation to pull a purchaser away from Amazon and to their store. By and large, brands are differentiating by focusing on intangibles, like customer community and strong brand values, which, by its very nature, Amazon can’t provide. In this chapter, we focus on the ecosystem factors that give brands that intangible edge.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2 Purchase Experience: The Digital-Physical Balance

The freedom from retail distributors has enabled D2C brands to take control of their customer journey and purchase experience, making the ways in which consumers experience a product itself, whether physically or digitally, critical to a brand’s success. In this chapter, learn how to build a purchase experience that weaves brand and product together seamlessly across physical and digital channels.

Chapter 2
Chapter 3 Scaling Growth: Strategies for Sustaining Success

In this section, learn how top D2C brands are upending traditional growth tactics by capitalizing on social as a channel for communicating intangible brand attributes, building smart and personalized customer journeys across channels, and innovating strategies for turning cult communities into brand advocates.

Chapter 3
6 Lessons
Griffin Thall
CEO of Pure Vida Bracelets
Lesson 1 Making Friends With Influencers

Building strong relationships with key influencers is a sure-fire strategy for eCommerce growth. In this lesson, learn how Pura Vida has adapted to the changing tides of Instagram and come out on top.

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Jay Williams
Director of Digital Strategy at Agency Within
Lesson 2 Standing Out on Search

Differentiating your brand from the wall of content that bombards users on Google is a major challenge. In this lesson, learn how to strategize and test smartly on search.

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Chase Fisher
Founder of Blenders Eyewear
Lesson 3 Mastering Facebook Advertising

As acquisition costs rise, many brands are turning away from Facebook, but that can be a serious missed opportunity. In this lesson, learn how to tackle the challenges of Facebook advertising.

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Josh Enzer
VP, Strategy
Lesson 4 Supercharge Acquisition Through Customer Advocacy

Brands today face the challenge of not just creating a brand worth caring about, but reaching the people who it will matter to. In this lesson, learn how to use referrals to get to the right audiences.

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Mila Aldrin
Director of eCommerce at Moon Juice
Lesson 5 Growing a Community That Loves Your Brand

Your brand community provides endless opportunities for growth and access to the most relevant audiences. In this lesson, learn how your best customers can help you reach like-minded shoppers.

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Aaron Orendorff
Editor-in-Chief at ShopifyPlus
Lesson 6 So, What's Your Marketplace Strategy?

As a brand grows, seeking new sales channels becomes near inevitable. In this lesson, learn how to use Amazon and other retailers as part of your distribution strategy without diluting your brand.

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Chapter 4 Turning Customers Into Brand Fans

In this chapter, learn how D2C brands are taking traditional loyalty tactics to the next level to add value and foster the customer relationships responsible for their rapid growth.

Chapter 4
6 Lessons
Piers Thorogood
Director and Co-Founder at We Make Websites
Lesson 1 Turning Your Brand into a Community Hub

Today's consumers expect your site to be more than just a point of purchase. In this lesson, learn how to create a website that is a destination for your brand community.

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Agata Celmerowski
Agata Celmerowski
VP Marketing at Klaviyo
klaviyo logo
Lesson 2 Making Email Your Greatest Retention Tool

When it's done right, email can be the most powerful channel you have for connecting with your customers. In this lesson, find out the key pillars for using email to boost CLTV.

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Erica Richey
Director of Customer Marketing at ThirdLove
Lesson 3 Tailoring Your Loyalty Program to Your Community

With rising CAC, a killer loyalty program is table stakes. But not all programs are created equal. In this lesson, learn how to custom-build a loyalty program for your brand and business goals.

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Brian Peters
Strategic Partnerships Manager at Buffer
Lesson 4 Social Strategy for the Instagram Generation

Social media is changing faster than we can keep up. In this lesson, get the low-down on the critical social trends that will help you build a loyal base of brand fans and advocates.

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Carrie Tyler
Global Head of Content at Revolution Beauty
Lesson 5 Using Content to Build a Community

Content may be king, but only if it's the right type. In this lesson, learn how to effectively build a loyal community by creating and sharing the best content for your brand.

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Shane Pittson
Head of Marketing at quip
Lesson 6 Building Loyalty into Your Business Model

More and more brands are turning to subscription models to offer more value to customers. In this lesson, find out how to build an engaged community of subscribers around your product.

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Chapter 5 Data-Driven 2.0: A Direct Line to Customer Data

When great eCommerce experiences are table stakes, how do you leverage direct access to customer data to build a feedback loop that sustains growth and meets changing consumer expectations?

Chapter 5
Chapter 6 Taking a Platform Approach to eCommerce Marketing

An eCommerce marketing platform is the engine that drives better customer experiences. This chapter explores the risks of disconnected point solutions, the long-term advantages of choosing an integrated platform, and the opportunities that come with interconnected data and cross-product synergies.

Chapter 6
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