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Parks Project Drives 73x ROI and More Support for Parklands With Yotpo SMSBump

Parks Project
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Parks Project, a social enterprise brand creating national park-themed apparel and accessories, funds vital projects that protect and preserve our parklands. A donation is made for every purchase, with over $1.6 million contributed to 40+ U.S. parks to date.


Main Takeaways
Parks Project wanted to drive more incremental sales through marketing channel diversification.
Looking to grow their give-back contributions as much as possible, the brand turned their focus to scaling their online community.
In SMS, they saw a unique opportunity to reach, grow, and connect with this community on a more personal level, thus ensuring maximum revenue growth.

Parks Project recognized that they needed to expand their eCommerce tech stack if they hoped to grow effectively. The brand’s demographic skews younger, so it was important to take their engagement preferences into consideration. “We asked ourselves, ‘How can we connect with these people in a way that helps them find the products they want and in a fun way?’” says Tyler Prone, Director of Growth Marketing, Parks Project.

Parks Project

In the past, Parks Project kept their customers informed about new products, sales, and general education about their mission through weekly emails. However, knowing that consumer preferences are ever-changing, the brand saw an opportunity for a new channel, like SMS, to reach those who crave a personal connection and keep them up-to-date on their offerings.

Inspired by other brands leveraging SMS and achieving exponential revenue growth, Parks Project was ready to explore this new channel. They just needed a partner, like Yotpo, that could take customer experiences to a whole new level.

Parks Project

”With Yotpo SMSBump, the revenue value per customer on SMS is higher than email. We’re able to guide our future resources to focus on driving more subscribers because it’s been so effective.”

Parks Project Tyler Prone, Director of Growth Marketing


Main Takeaways
Parks Project partnered with Yotpo for SMS marketing expertise, guidance, and seamless onboarding.
To give customers a frictionless and personalized shopping experience, the brand sends both MMS and SMS messages and leverages A/B testing functionality.
SMS helps ensure their community stays informed and is quickly notified about back-in-stock merchandise or exciting new product offerings.

Yotpo SMSBump was a natural addition to their eCommerce toolbox. “Yotpo is a one-stop shop. As a lean team, it was attractive to have loyalty and referrals along with SMS all under one roof from a management standpoint,” says Prone. With Yotpo, Parks Project was able to seamlessly onboard SMS with a dedicated team, who helped them craft an SMS marketing strategy that aligns with their ultimate goal of giving customers a frictionless shopping experience. “Our expectations were far exceeded in terms of customer service with SMS. The Yotpo SMSBump team helps us reach our goals and get the most out of the platform,” says Prone.

Parks Project

To bring out the brand’s fun and colorful persona, Parks Project plays with both MMS and SMS messages, while leveraging Yotpo’s powerful A/B testing capabilities to identify customer preferences. “We love the A/B testing capabilities, being able to test engagements and instantly roll out the top-performing message by using numbers to back up what our customers like vs. what they don’t like,” says Prone.

Aligning with their mission of connecting customers with parks, Parks Project is constantly rolling out new products specific to the parks they collaborate with. SMS has helped them notify their customers about what’s new and what’s upcoming. The brand is also able to navigate their merchandise supply through SMS communications. “SMS has been great to keep our customers informed on items that are limited in supply or back in stock,” says Prone.

”SMS helps us expand and diversify our marketing efforts. With the recent iOS changes, leaning more into your own channels is what marketers need to do now. We’re so glad we have SMS as a channel to navigate these changes.”

Parks Project Tyler Prone, Director of Growth Marketing


Main Takeaways
With Yotpo SMSBump, Parks Project’s “revenue value per customer on SMS is higher than email.”
Parks Project successfully promotes new products through SMS and incentivizes customers to opt-in to the channel.
Parks Project sees 80x ROI on exclusive sale announcements, 73x ROI on triggered flows, and 35% MoM subscriber growth.

Since launching Yotpo SMSBump, the brand has driven incremental revenue through the channel. “With Yotpo SMSBump, the revenue value per customer on SMS is higher than email. We’re able to guide our future resources to focus on driving more subscribers because it’s been so effective,” says Prone. Parks Project maximizes subscriber growth, averaging 35% MoM utilizing Yotpo SMSBump’s library of collection tools including a pop-up, keyword, dedicated landing page, and social opt-in. 51% of new subscribers converted via the welcome flow, and the brand has seen 73x ROI from triggered flows overall.

The brand’s primary strategy is to use SMS to promote new products. In a recent campaign that saw 26x ROI, they used SMS to communicate their new collaboration with Vans. Leading up to this campaign, they created an SMS signup form, incentivizing customers to be the first to know when the Parks Project X Vans collection would drop. This signup form welcome flow saw a 20x ROI.

Parks Project also keeps their customers updated on sales, seeing an 80x ROI on the most recent announcement. In addition, they communicate at key touchpoints in the customer journey — sharing the company's mission, sending abandoned cart and shipping notifications, using customer winback flows to engage those that haven’t purchased in 90 days, and more — through Yotpo SMSBump and Shopify’s powerful integration.

”SMS is very effective. There’s no other marketing channel you can invest in and get more out in return. It’s one of the highest ROI channels. If you’re hesitant, understand the channel is very optional. The people we send messages to are the ones that want to see it.”

Parks Project Tyler Prone, Director of Growth Marketing

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